Hey guys! How is your summer going? As for me, it’s my first summer in Vancouver, and to be honestly, i’m really enjoying my summer here.

And of course it’s bikini season. I found one website called Zaful and they have a loooot of great stuff over there. Many different styles, one-piece, tankinis, many colors, like green bikini, red bikini, yellow, white and etc!:)) And of course as we all girls love, they have a lot of discounts, promotions, sale, deals and etc.!!!

I would love to share with you guys, what is my 5 favorite bikinis in ‘Swimwear’ Category and what I picked for my Wish List!

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I’m leaving close to the ocean and of course i gonna pick up this swimsuit with this print(ahaha) I love colors, pattern, shape of this swimsuit so basically i love everything about it:)) You can have close look and check the deal of this pretty swimsuit here.

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So the next one has Boho style, which is i’m lately obsessed of. I also love shape of this one-piece swimsuit. As well, it’s gonna give you sexy shape for sure. Great option for pool party. Check more here. BTW, it’s on sale now!! Shhh:)

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Plane colors, but I’m in looove with those shoulders off!! Super simple, but in the same time so beautiful. And on top of that, they have different colors of this style. So check it out here.

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And again my favorite Boho. Best choice for swimming in the pool, and also you can wear this piece just like a top, with shorts or skirt. For sure its gonna look together very nice and summery. Check the deal here 

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I pick this bikini because I like to wear for this summer everything with floral print. And as well, especially this summer is the hottest  trend. As you know I’m a flower lover. Check my instapage and you will understand what i’m talking about and why i picked this bikini:) Plus check here to find more about this particular bikini.


So, those was my 5 favorite swimsuits that I definitely gonna add on my Wish List. And of course, I just showed you few of there millions of choices that they have in their website Go visit Zaful website and… YES!! GREAT GIFT FOR YOU!!

2017-08-05 (2)

Few super easy steps:

  1. Go to Zaful
  2. Pick what you like from this link
  3. Get 10% discount on top of the product that you like
  4. Use coupon code: ZFEN
  5.  Enjoy:))

If you have any question or you wanna know more about this great deal just contact me by email or put comment below:)

Wishing everyone great sunny summer!!







Happy Sunday everyone. Today I wanna do review about skin care products brand Nuxe. They have many other good products, I’m especially in love with their multi-purpose dry oils. Anyhow, for today I picked two products from “Gentle cleansing duo” with rose petals.
What I love generally about this products that they alcohol-free and paraben-free. I’m actually have super sensitive skin and this products suits me perfectly. Also great point that is contains 97,5% ingredients of natural origin. So let’s start and first product is…

Comforting cleansing milk

Removes makeup and cleanses, and in the same time preserving your skin from dryness. Great product for sensitive and dry skin. Moisturizing your skin and after use you will feel your skin super soft and hydrated. Removing your makeup perfectly. Also removing waterproof makeup products which is so great.


Gentle tonic lotion

Perfect second step after applying Nuxe cleansing milk. This lotion cleaning your skin super deep and very clear. Also will absorb remains of cleansing milk and makeup. and on top of this, is a great start to prepare your skin for putting a make up. Has very nice flowery smell, so smooth and soft.



Overall review

I was very satisfied by those two products and is really great skin care for those who has dry and sensitive skin. Also what I really like that those products has natural origin.


Shop Comforting cleansing milk here and Gentle tonic lotion here

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Hey it’s been a while, I know. And i know that I been promising that I gonna post more often. Uff in this time I’m not going to promise anything I’ll just do my best:) So today look it’s about mens leather jacket and how you can wear it. And small story in the beginning. My hubby got for me this jacket and I was like “mmm, its soo cool, but how I can wear it??” So I was wondering and trying to match with a lot of stuff and it doesn’t helps. I feel soo bad, I was actually planing to return it, but good I didn’t. Maybe it’s sounds strange, but I was really stuck to find good matching clothes for it. Soo and the end of the story I finally found for myself the best way to wear this kind of jackets:))
I like and prefare to wear in more feminine way. And I’m usually choosing some dresses like this one, that you can see on my pictures. I also add accessories to complete full outfit. The main accent going to the earrings, right?))
Weather it’s getting warmer and it’s good to add some more spring stuff to our wardrobes, and start to wear something more light. Can’t wait for spring days here. They saying it’s gonna be sooo beautiful.


About outfit: jacket Zara, dress Mango, boots Marko, earrings Diva



It’s still cold outside. And I’m already want to have some sweet, warm days. It’s actually not that cold here in Vancouver, but you know, all of us always wanna have more sunny days 🙂

Today look. Boyfriend jeans, fur coat, pair of sneakers, simple and easy to go. Zara store now having a really good stuff on sale. You can get a lot of good pieces in very good deal. And this jacket. I really love it. Matching with everything. So you can wear it any time and in any weather condition. I can wear this coat as in winter and in spring. And surprisingly I’m always feel in this jacket warm, in totally different seasons time, such as winter and spring.


About outfit: coat Zara, denim Zara, turtle neck Zara, sneakers Coach, watch Rolex


Christmas holidays still continue and tomorrow it’s New Year’s Eve!!! As for me this year was hard but productive. And i know this leap year was difficult and challenging for a lot of people. Lets hope and believe that 2017 will be good year. Stay positive and believe in magic 🙂
two ways to wear this sweater-dress
Today look
This sweater-dress good to wear as one piece. It’s oversize, free cut and it has long length. And when it’s rainy outside and not warm weather this the best idea to wear something like this. Ohh, and this Hat. With this hat you do not have to worry about your makeup and hair (in the first case – if you don’t have time or no mood to do your make up and hair styling, and in the second case, opposite, if you want to keep the freshness and perfect condition of your make-up and hairstyle. In both situations it works flawlessly.
 About outfit: sweater-dress Zara, leggings H&M, boots Marko, hat H&M, necklace Diva, handbag Gucci 
Happy New Year!
And Have a great Holidays guys!!!:)



Hey hey hey! In coming Black Friday I have more great news for you!:)

Zaful now is having a massive giveaway and providing gift cards with big amount on it.

And also the most important!!

You have chance to win a 100$ gift card!!! 

And you know what you have to do? Simple 3 steps:)

  1. Go to 
  2. Choose item that you like
  3. Leave your email and link of item that you choose in comments below.


Be in rush. This giveaway ends on November 31.

And winner will be chosen and informed by email on December 1-3.

Try your luck and Happy Black Friday everyone!!!



  Hey guys. Today I wanna do some review about foundations products. On this group I choosed contour cream kit, foundation, concealer and BB cream. Different products – one goal, to make our skin look pretty and perfect. Right? So let’s start:)



BB Skin Perfection Cream from Clarins

Actually this BB cream the best use for summer time. But let’s consider that also in winter we have strong sunny days when we have to protect our skin from UVA. This BB cream based 100% of mineral ingredients. Oil-free. Sun protection factor(SPF)25. Interesting thing. It’s written in direction for use, btw. You can use this cream for babes under 6 months. Honestly, first time I seeing something like this on beauty products. So your babe will look with nice skin tone:)

My feedback: Nice texture, giving you barely covering,  adapts to your skin tone.

Cost: 30$


Fluid Finish Lasting Velvet from Sensai

As for me, this foundation you can use mostly for evening makeup because of this dense texture. Ahhh, in the beginning I was expecting better result from this Japanese brand because usually Japanese brands are so good in turn of skin care and makeup products. So unfortunately, I’m not satisfied with this foundation:( looks on me like mask and when I tried to mix with day cream, it’s went even worst. So, whatever. And plus it’s expensive 😦

My feedback: 6/10

Cost: 45$


Concealer Color Correction from Faberlic

I’m not accidentally added this product in my review. Best best best!! Super cheap. Really sometimes the cheapest products better than most expensive one! So I got this one just for try. And I’m soo happy with it now. Perfectly hides bags under the eyes plus after applying you will not have (like as usual I have) remnants lines of the product. So soft applicator, moisturizing, giving you small nacreous effect.

My feedback: I’m really suggesting you to get this concealer pen. Very cheap and so great quality. check the website here.

Cost: 4$


Contour Cream Kit (Medium) from  Anastasia Beverly Hills 

Contouring and highlighting creams for sculpt and enhance your face. Oh, this one definitely keep for your evening makeup. I’m using for everyday the two pallets, which is on left top of kit. Cream and Banana shades. It’s good one to cover your dark circles under eyes, or some pimple. Texture of this product heavy.

My feedback: Creams have a rich, blendable texture. Highlighting cream leaves visible lines on your face. Contouring creams very good one but only for evening makeup or photoshoots.

Cost: 45$

And what is your favourite foundation products?:)