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Hello hello,

Today I wanna share with you quick review about the StriVectin hair products. ‘Honestly, I’m not going to give you full description and explanation about those goodies I just wanna share the result i got after I used them.

So let’s do a quick review of this package. this quit blue box has 3 products. Shampoo, conditioner, and serum.


So what i like and actually what I did,  that those products coming with travel size. so I took them with me for my trip and it was super easy to use them, while my stay. these products have a pretty nice smell and texture. Not creamy, i don’t like creamy texture in Shampoo and conditioner. So im also suggesting to use shampoo together with conditional. You will get a better result for your hair by doing that.

Honestly, i was expecting to get “Wow” result after using this shampoo and conditioner. i cant say there aren’t bad. Nooo, they amazing!! But I’m a picky person, and this is the reason why:)

About the serum. Oh my Gosh, it’s AMAZING!!!  I love my hair after I’m using this serum. They become super soft, so shiny and its so easy to brush them.

So, and my final review of those products. I can give a Big thumbs up for the serum and “Mmmm(thinking emoji), it’s good” for shampoo and conditioner.

Did you try StriVectin Hair Products before? Did you like them? Let me know in comments below:)

And have a great week!!







FullSizeRender (neededHello, my Gorgeous Ladies,

Today I’m going to talk about my everyday skin care. Daytime and nighttime skin care.  I’m super picky when it’s coming for my skin and these products are expensive but let me tell you, its worth it!!! We have to take care of our skin, protect from many factors that are coming as from inside and outside as well and this line from Perricone MD helps me a lot and improve my skin dramatically.

My Daytime skincare 


Hydrating Booster Serum 

Before applying any of your day moisturizers or face cream, I’m highly recommending you to use it first serum. i been using the serum for about 2 years now and I see a huge improvement on my skin. trust me, the serum it’s your big saver.

And the serum from Perricone MD oh wow, it’s the best. Super light texture, goes into your skin in a second and you can actually feel how each pore of your skin it is saturated and begins to work.




Hydrating Cloud Cream 

Next step,  I’m applying my daily hydrating cream. I have Combination skin but anyway you have to always keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. And this cream will help you a lot to keep your skin all day hydrated and saturated. what again really love about this cream as all of their product it has super light texture so you will never feel or have extra cream on your face and you don’t need to apply much product on your face as it absorbed instantly and distributed throughout the face.


My Night Skin Care


If before using my day cream I use serum, in the evening before applying my day cream I’m using plasma. Girls if you wanna get double support and help for your skin, you need to use at list two products. and plasma is a new thing that I lately opened for myself. and trust me my skin telling me “thank you” every single day:))

As I’m wearing makeup all day and working 12 hours a day I see how my skin getting tired and how much my skin needs to be nourished.  But with Perricone MD I don’t have to worry about it, as there products helping me with this. And I’m so happy that Perricone MD helping me with my skin ‘struggles’ and bringing my skin back to life.


important and interesting fact. After a long day, my skin looks tired and I can see small wrinkles on my forehead. After i applied my plasma and Multi-Action Overnight treatment cream, the next morning my skin is fresh and flawless. And all my wrinkles are gone. SERIOUSLY!!! I can’t be more than happy to see all of this great results and effect that I’m getting from the Perricone MD.

If you want to see and check more information about this products click here

And also. It’s not an AD or Collaboration with this brand. it’s absolutely my honest review and feedback about this brand.

Much love,





DSCN5147Hey babes!
Christmas is cominggg !!!
Today i want to give you some quick review about L’occitane products
I was using them for a while so now i have a clear idea about it 🙂

And today we going to talk about 6 products from the same brand name L’occitane

1. Body lotion
2. Candle
3. Hand cream
4. Oily perfume
5. Soap
6. Body spray


Body lotion

Mmmm. what to say ?? honestly i was expecting more from this product.
it’s not observes well to your skin and after its just exfoliated from your skin.
smell also not that good.

I kind of start with negative feedback let’s move on to something more positive


Oh, candle amazing. smells amazing. for a bath or a bedroom. love it love it

Hand cream

So good. For dry skin especially on winter time its must have. Im giving you guarantee your hands will be stay moisturized for all day. Just small disadvantage from me that this hand cream has a specific smell, that is not really that i like it.


Oil perfume

Nothing special about this perfume)) oil with smell. Its smell is actually pretty good and what I like it in the same time moisturize and keeping your skin hydrated


Its just soap with good smell)

Body spray

Really good. Has strong kind of sweet smell with touch of flowery
fragrance. Staying on your body for really long time and has few steps of changing the smell during the day. So nice. Must to try.


Hope you enjoyed my quick review about those products.
Share with me your thoughts and ideas😊


Happy Holidays Everyone !!!!!



Happy Sunday everyone. Today I wanna do review about skin care products brand Nuxe. They have many other good products, I’m especially in love with their multi-purpose dry oils. Anyhow, for today I picked two products from “Gentle cleansing duo” with rose petals.
What I love generally about this products that they alcohol-free and paraben-free. I’m actually have super sensitive skin and this products suits me perfectly. Also great point that is contains 97,5% ingredients of natural origin. So let’s start and first product is…

Comforting cleansing milk

Removes makeup and cleanses, and in the same time preserving your skin from dryness. Great product for sensitive and dry skin. Moisturizing your skin and after use you will feel your skin super soft and hydrated. Removing your makeup perfectly. Also removing waterproof makeup products which is so great.


Gentle tonic lotion

Perfect second step after applying Nuxe cleansing milk. This lotion cleaning your skin super deep and very clear. Also will absorb remains of cleansing milk and makeup. and on top of this, is a great start to prepare your skin for putting a make up. Has very nice flowery smell, so smooth and soft.



Overall review

I was very satisfied by those two products and is really great skin care for those who has dry and sensitive skin. Also what I really like that those products has natural origin.


Shop Comforting cleansing milk here and Gentle tonic lotion here

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  Hey guys. Today I wanna do some review about foundations products. On this group I choosed contour cream kit, foundation, concealer and BB cream. Different products – one goal, to make our skin look pretty and perfect. Right? So let’s start:)



BB Skin Perfection Cream from Clarins

Actually this BB cream the best use for summer time. But let’s consider that also in winter we have strong sunny days when we have to protect our skin from UVA. This BB cream based 100% of mineral ingredients. Oil-free. Sun protection factor(SPF)25. Interesting thing. It’s written in direction for use, btw. You can use this cream for babes under 6 months. Honestly, first time I seeing something like this on beauty products. So your babe will look with nice skin tone:)

My feedback: Nice texture, giving you barely covering,  adapts to your skin tone.

Cost: 30$


Fluid Finish Lasting Velvet from Sensai

As for me, this foundation you can use mostly for evening makeup because of this dense texture. Ahhh, in the beginning I was expecting better result from this Japanese brand because usually Japanese brands are so good in turn of skin care and makeup products. So unfortunately, I’m not satisfied with this foundation:( looks on me like mask and when I tried to mix with day cream, it’s went even worst. So, whatever. And plus it’s expensive 😦

My feedback: 6/10

Cost: 45$


Concealer Color Correction from Faberlic

I’m not accidentally added this product in my review. Best best best!! Super cheap. Really sometimes the cheapest products better than most expensive one! So I got this one just for try. And I’m soo happy with it now. Perfectly hides bags under the eyes plus after applying you will not have (like as usual I have) remnants lines of the product. So soft applicator, moisturizing, giving you small nacreous effect.

My feedback: I’m really suggesting you to get this concealer pen. Very cheap and so great quality. check the website here.

Cost: 4$


Contour Cream Kit (Medium) from  Anastasia Beverly Hills 

Contouring and highlighting creams for sculpt and enhance your face. Oh, this one definitely keep for your evening makeup. I’m using for everyday the two pallets, which is on left top of kit. Cream and Banana shades. It’s good one to cover your dark circles under eyes, or some pimple. Texture of this product heavy.

My feedback: Creams have a rich, blendable texture. Highlighting cream leaves visible lines on your face. Contouring creams very good one but only for evening makeup or photoshoots.

Cost: 45$

And what is your favourite foundation products?:)



Hey guys. How you doing after Halloween’s weekend? Today I wanna give you some feedback about these lip products that I bought a week ago. And in the beginning I wanna say, I really like them. Lets start one by one.


Round a Kiss from SEPHORA

This is actually lip care palette, which has two lip care/plump products and two lip balms.

How you can use it?

  1. Exfoliating – the first step (green balm) has scrubbing texture(particles rice grain ) and gives you light menthol feeling after applying.
  2. Moisturizing – a vanishing balm blend with essential oils, works to repair and protect the lips. Has minty smell and taste. Makes lips look glassy and plump.
  3. 4 . Two lip balms with plumping and coloring glass shades will give you plumpness and shine. Also has menthol taste and light colors.

My feedback: The main reason to buy this if you wanna have really plump lips. All of this four products the best for lip care. Not sticky, long stay and has nice menthol taste.

Cost 15$



Pro Longwear Lip Pencil from MAC

Oh girls, MAC it’s MAC. All their products so good. Like this one. Remains on your lips for a long time. Gives a matte look, soft texture, easy to apply and you can remove this pencil just with makeup remover. Full covering, doesn’t roll so, as you can see, I can continue for forever.

My feedback: If you looking for matte and nude lips, it’s the best option for you to get this pencil. You can easily use it without any lipstick.

Cost 19$




Instant Light Lip Balms from Clarins

These cuties lip balms. Love at first sight. When i saw them, i took it without any thinking. First, those Clarins balms so good in turn of…everything. The colors. texture, feeling on your lips, lip care.  Also these cuties have nice smell and taste. Balms have five light colors with natural shades.

My feedback: Just take it if you will see it in your beauty store. For travel or when you carry a small bag it’s the best option.

Cost 35$


French brand Yves Rocher. I’m not usually buying something from them. But why not to try? In the beginning I wanna say that I was satisfied by there product.
  • Purity mask for oily and combination skin: Reduce excess sedum, tightens pores, mattifies skin and your skin will breath again.
  • Ingredients: Baikal powder, cornflower water, white clay.
  • Use: 2 times per week for 5-10 min, then clean up with warm water.
  • Feedback: So soft, with nice smell, after use skin become deeper, softer, with no visible pores, and most importantly there was no feeling of tightness.
  • Cost: 6,5$

  • Lip balm with moisturizer and healing effect: I like this balm because it’s not just moisturizing but in the same time heals wounds and cracks. Especially for our weather it’s the best find.
  • Ingredients: Shea oil
  • Feedback: Has nice smell and taste. Balm keeps a very long in your lips and really helps in the fight against irregularities and cracks on the lips.
  • Cost: 2$
Entire line of balm
  • Gentle makeup remover for sensitive eyes: I have uncertain feedback about this makeup remover. There mention that it’s for very sensitive eyes, so that’s why they put oil? Not logic. And its good that it’s been tested under ophthalmogical supervision?
  • Ingredients: Aqua water, organic cornflower water, sodium free
  • Feedback: A normal mascara will removes, waterproof unlikely. Plus of this makeup remover that after using, it’s gives you very soft and gentle skin, with eye contact not stings.
  • Cost: 7$
P.S. Every beauty shop  YVES ROCHER  has small test-book, called “What’s your skin type”. Very easy in using and helpful for us, girls.
Eva A.