Hello, my lovelies,

Are you busy with a Holidays Shopping? Oh, I know its always a headache.

Today I want to share with you about an exciting project, that I been involved. I want to introduce you one of the Vancouver Stores that I fell in love from my first visit. And when they invite me to try their fall-winter collection and to be a part of their Look Book i was like…OMG!!! Yees!

In DCNOY you can find anything, that you have in your mind. Starting with Basic clothes and finishing Evening Dresses. I have been impressed by their varieties and selections. The quality of the clothes is absolutely at a high level. Whatever you are looking for, DCNOY has it. And as we are approaching the New Year and we wanna meet the New 2019 perfectly, DSNOY store has a huge and beautiful selection of Evening dresses.

Let me show you what I chose
in the store from their fall-winter collection, and where and how I’m going to wear it!


Omg, this coat is soo perfect. Fur trim on sleeves and collar are so soft and will warm me no matter what. You definitely have to have one in your wardrobe.


Another coat. Super warming and I love how its made. It’s an absolute fashion piece. Easy goes with anything. boots or heels, casual or formal. Works perfectly in any way.



If you wanna Dress up this New Year’s Eve you have many options.

I chose two option for my New Year’s Eve. The first one is the elegant two pieces. Silky Vest with Pants. And Magical Evening Gown with sequins all over.

Im ready for this New Years Eve. What about you? Visit http://www.dcnoy.com/ to find out more.

Happy Holidays Loves.



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