What you should wear this Autumn

Hello, My Loves! How you doing?

Its been a busy month for me, a lot of exciting things happening. Busy, busy girl:) I can’t wait to share all the cool projects that im working now, with you.

But today I wanna talk about my fall outfit preferences:)


As I mentioned earlier on my blog post WHY IM WEARING BRIGHT COLORS DURING THE FALL I decided in this post to tell you more about it 🙂 hihi

From my personal experience whatever fall-winter collection coming up to the stores, I can’t see any more bright colors. All that we are receiving is coming in black, grey, dark green, dark red colors and etc. WHYY??? Why when it’s already grey and gloomy outside. No sun, cold, windy we have to make it worse by wearing dark colors all the time!?

Outfit details: Boots Forever 21 / Dress Zara / Jacket Zara / Sunglasses Celine / Handbag LV

Let’s bring more colors to brighten the grey days and our mood!!:) That’s what I feel and what I’m usually doing by wearing colorful pieces during the fall or, like today you can see I’m mixing full black look by adding one bright yellow piece (the dress). In this case, I’m still wearing some colorful piece with a full black outfit. and it is actually bringing more positivity and good vibes here. Do you feel me?:)


One small style tip from me. Whatever you wanna wear some fully grey or fully black outfit. Bring more colors. Brake that one color looks with some one colorful piece. It can be a dress, sweater, handbag, scarf, literally anything:)

Enjoy your colorful Autumn!




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