Lace Obsession

Hey loves,

And we are about to finish the September. Today is the end of September and tomorrow we are entering October. Halloween, pumpkin spice latte, a lot of rain and sweater weather. Today I want to share with you one of my favorite outfit detailing which is lace.


I found, that whatever I’m shopping always my eyes gonna catch lace based or lace detailed stuff. (haha) Can’t do anything about it.


This lace details dress I got it from Zara. I’m not sure if they still have it in stock as its from their 2018 spring/summer collection. What most I love about this dress that you can wear it as a dress (obviously:) and also as a tunic or even styled as a top. Super practical, isn’t?


Please, let me know in comments below if you have the same lace obsession like me. Or maybe there is something else that you have a lot on your wardrobe, that has the same style or pattern.

Wishing you a Wonderful Sunday!





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