FullSizeRender (neededHello, my Gorgeous Ladies,

Today I’m going to talk about my everyday skin care. Daytime and nighttime skin care.  I’m super picky when it’s coming for my skin and these products are expensive but let me tell you, its worth it!!! We have to take care of our skin, protect from many factors that are coming as from inside and outside as well and this line from Perricone MD helps me a lot and improve my skin dramatically.

My Daytime skincare 


Hydrating Booster Serum 

Before applying any of your day moisturizers or face cream, I’m highly recommending you to use it first serum. i been using the serum for about 2 years now and I see a huge improvement on my skin. trust me, the serum it’s your big saver.

And the serum from Perricone MD oh wow, it’s the best. Super light texture, goes into your skin in a second and you can actually feel how each pore of your skin it is saturated and begins to work.




Hydrating Cloud Cream 

Next step,  I’m applying my daily hydrating cream. I have Combination skin but anyway you have to always keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. And this cream will help you a lot to keep your skin all day hydrated and saturated. what again really love about this cream as all of their product it has super light texture so you will never feel or have extra cream on your face and you don’t need to apply much product on your face as it absorbed instantly and distributed throughout the face.


My Night Skin Care


If before using my day cream I use serum, in the evening before applying my day cream I’m using plasma. Girls if you wanna get double support and help for your skin, you need to use at list two products. and plasma is a new thing that I lately opened for myself. and trust me my skin telling me “thank you” every single day:))

As I’m wearing makeup all day and working 12 hours a day I see how my skin getting tired and how much my skin needs to be nourished.  But with Perricone MD I don’t have to worry about it, as there products helping me with this. And I’m so happy that Perricone MD helping me with my skin ‘struggles’ and bringing my skin back to life.


important and interesting fact. After a long day, my skin looks tired and I can see small wrinkles on my forehead. After i applied my plasma and Multi-Action Overnight treatment cream, the next morning my skin is fresh and flawless. And all my wrinkles are gone. SERIOUSLY!!! I can’t be more than happy to see all of this great results and effect that I’m getting from the Perricone MD.

If you want to see and check more information about this products click here

And also. It’s not an AD or Collaboration with this brand. it’s absolutely my honest review and feedback about this brand.

Much love,





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