Hey my beautiful ladies,

It’s time for the review:))

And today I’m going to talk about one of my favorite brand Caudalie.


So and straight to the point!

The first product that I want to talk about its…

Beauty Elixir


Simply loving this spray. I heard a lot good feedbacks about this elixir and I want to add more good points for this spray.

It has all natural ingredients inside such as:

lemon balm, pepper mint, rose water, grape, and rosemary.

Great use in many ways: giving life to your skin, set up your makeup, travel essentials, refresh during your work hours, in hot days, give a moisture for your dry skin. I can talk for hours about this spray:) Has very natural smell and texture a little bit oily, which I really love.


Moisturizing Sorbet cream 


As for me, I didn’t see much of improvement or I cant say that this is the best cream in my life.

Yes, the texture and how it works on your skin it’s perfect and yes my skin feels smooth and moisturized. but don’t expect to see the greatest result. best to use as your daily skin cream. and also, this cream best for those who have super sensitive skin and allergic. Guys, this will be your best found.

Instant detox mask 


Detox it’s always a good idea. for your body, health and if you can get detox for your skin that’s the best option you will ever get:)) Very gentle peeling mask. Didn’t irritate my sensitive skin but it wasn’t as effective as I thought it would be. Just need to use it more often as opposed to once per week.

Usually when you using clay masks its first drying your skin and second its hard to remove, this mask has clay on it but you will never notice. that actually surprises me that after I used this mask my skin becomes moisture, softer, more supple, and clearer. My pores are smaller and my skin has a pretty glow after I use this!

Vinoperfect Radiance Serum



Okay, ill be honest. I tried many many serums. if you don’t know or you never heard or you never tried the serum, girl, you MUST have it in your bathroom!! About this serum Love love love, its unbelievable is how I feel after using this serum. It is hard to explain exactly how improved your complexion becomes. It calms and leaves skin radiant. its observes perfectly on your skin. the results you will see after few times of using it. Light and refreshing and as I said the results are immediate. Highly recommend!!

Hope guys you enjoyed my review, and find something helpful for yourself:)

Feel free to comment below.










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