Hair care Products Review


Hi. How you doing guys?

I see, that you really like my reviews about different products. So, I decided to share my thoughts about products for hair care.


And today I’m going to talk about 4 main hair products that we are using in our daily life. I picked shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo and oil drops. As well, I picked 4 different brands to see better the difference in use.

Let’s begin😊


ALTERNA Instant Recovery Shampoo

My first impression was good. What I mostly like and the main reason why I got this shampoo because is for Damage-free hair. And you know girls, how we always struggle with this problem.

And one more plus that its free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates and synthetic color.

Oh, and good point, this shampoo smells so good. Fun fact about me.  I’m always smelling everything before I’m going to use it, to buy, eat and so on)

As for using, You don’t need a big quantity to apply this shampoo on your hair. Its producing enough foam with a small amount of use. And this is great because this shampoo will last longer😊

After I dried my hair, I saw a good result. My hair becomes more shiny, moisturized, silky and so easy to brush.

I’m honestly not suggesting this shampoo for people who have oily hair or hair that getting fast greasy.


Redken color extend rich recovery

Great treatment for your colored hair. Delays the color of dyed hair for a long time. Protecting your hair from losing brilliance and saturation keeping longer color on your hair and simply smelling so good😊)


Living proof perfect hair Day Dry shampoo.

One of the best dry shampoo I ever tried. I know everybody loves Batiste, but this Dry shampoo it’s outstanding.

The texture is so light, you can barely feel it on your hair after use. And one great main thing, that white stains gently spread on your hair, and doesn’t produce “dandruff effect”.


Morrocan oil treatment

Honestly, I was expecting much better result about this product:(

It’s too oilish:(

I personally prefer very light oil texture but this product so thick.

By using few drops on my hair I didn’t get any positive result and my hair become so oilish.

So I’m kind of disappointed with this product. Maybe I use it in the wrong way I don’t know.


Hope u guys enjoyed my small review.

Any questions, feedback maybe you wanna add something about this products, please feel free to comment below:))


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