DSCN5147Hey babes!
Christmas is cominggg !!!
Today i want to give you some quick review about L’occitane products
I was using them for a while so now i have a clear idea about it 🙂

And today we going to talk about 6 products from the same brand name L’occitane

1. Body lotion
2. Candle
3. Hand cream
4. Oily perfume
5. Soap
6. Body spray


Body lotion

Mmmm. what to say ?? honestly i was expecting more from this product.
it’s not observes well to your skin and after its just exfoliated from your skin.
smell also not that good.

I kind of start with negative feedback let’s move on to something more positive


Oh, candle amazing. smells amazing. for a bath or a bedroom. love it love it

Hand cream

So good. For dry skin especially on winter time its must have. Im giving you guarantee your hands will be stay moisturized for all day. Just small disadvantage from me that this hand cream has a specific smell, that is not really that i like it.


Oil perfume

Nothing special about this perfume)) oil with smell. Its smell is actually pretty good and what I like it in the same time moisturize and keeping your skin hydrated


Its just soap with good smell)

Body spray

Really good. Has strong kind of sweet smell with touch of flowery
fragrance. Staying on your body for really long time and has few steps of changing the smell during the day. So nice. Must to try.


Hope you enjoyed my quick review about those products.
Share with me your thoughts and ideas😊


Happy Holidays Everyone !!!!!

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