Happy Sunday everyone. Today I wanna do review about skin care products brand Nuxe. They have many other good products, I’m especially in love with their multi-purpose dry oils. Anyhow, for today I picked two products from “Gentle cleansing duo” with rose petals.
What I love generally about this products that they alcohol-free and paraben-free. I’m actually have super sensitive skin and this products suits me perfectly. Also great point that is contains 97,5% ingredients of natural origin. So let’s start and first product is…

Comforting cleansing milk

Removes makeup and cleanses, and in the same time preserving your skin from dryness. Great product for sensitive and dry skin. Moisturizing your skin and after use you will feel your skin super soft and hydrated. Removing your makeup perfectly. Also removing waterproof makeup products which is so great.


Gentle tonic lotion

Perfect second step after applying Nuxe cleansing milk. This lotion cleaning your skin super deep and very clear. Also will absorb remains of cleansing milk and makeup. and on top of this, is a great start to prepare your skin for putting a make up. Has very nice flowery smell, so smooth and soft.



Overall review

I was very satisfied by those two products and is really great skin care for those who has dry and sensitive skin. Also what I really like that those products has natural origin.


Shop Comforting cleansing milk here and Gentle tonic lotion here

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