Hey it’s been a while, I know. And i know that I been promising that I gonna post more often. Uff in this time I’m not going to promise anything I’ll just do my best:) So today look it’s about mens leather jacket and how you can wear it. And small story in the beginning. My hubby got for me this jacket and I was like “mmm, its soo cool, but how I can wear it??” So I was wondering and trying to match with a lot of stuff and it doesn’t helps. I feel soo bad, I was actually planing to return it, but good I didn’t. Maybe it’s sounds strange, but I was really stuck to find good matching clothes for it. Soo and the end of the story I finally found for myself the best way to wear this kind of jackets:))
I like and prefare to wear in more feminine way. And I’m usually choosing some dresses like this one, that you can see on my pictures. I also add accessories to complete full outfit. The main accent going to the earrings, right?))
Weather it’s getting warmer and it’s good to add some more spring stuff to our wardrobes, and start to wear something more light. Can’t wait for spring days here. They saying it’s gonna be sooo beautiful.


About outfit: jacket Zara, dress Mango, boots Marko, earrings Diva


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