Christmas holidays still continue and tomorrow it’s New Year’s Eve!!! As for me this year was hard but productive. And i know this leap year was difficult and challenging for a lot of people. Lets hope and believe that 2017 will be good year. Stay positive and believe in magic 🙂
two ways to wear this sweater-dress
Today look
This sweater-dress good to wear as one piece. It’s oversize, free cut and it has long length. And when it’s rainy outside and not warm weather this the best idea to wear something like this. Ohh, and this Hat. With this hat you do not have to worry about your makeup and hair (in the first case – if you don’t have time or no mood to do your make up and hair styling, and in the second case, opposite, if you want to keep the freshness and perfect condition of your make-up and hairstyle. In both situations it works flawlessly.
 About outfit: sweater-dress Zara, leggings H&M, boots Marko, hat H&M, necklace Diva, handbag Gucci 
Happy New Year!
And Have a great Holidays guys!!!:)

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