Hey guys. How you doing after Halloween’s weekend? Today I wanna give you some feedback about these lip products that I bought a week ago. And in the beginning I wanna say, I really like them. Lets start one by one.


Round a Kiss from SEPHORA

This is actually lip care palette, which has two lip care/plump products and two lip balms.

How you can use it?

  1. Exfoliating – the first step (green balm) has scrubbing texture(particles rice grain ) and gives you light menthol feeling after applying.
  2. Moisturizing – a vanishing balm blend with essential oils, works to repair and protect the lips. Has minty smell and taste. Makes lips look glassy and plump.
  3. 4 . Two lip balms with plumping and coloring glass shades will give you plumpness and shine. Also has menthol taste and light colors.

My feedback: The main reason to buy this if you wanna have really plump lips. All of this four products the best for lip care. Not sticky, long stay and has nice menthol taste.

Cost 15$



Pro Longwear Lip Pencil from MAC

Oh girls, MAC it’s MAC. All their products so good. Like this one. Remains on your lips for a long time. Gives a matte look, soft texture, easy to apply and you can remove this pencil just with makeup remover. Full covering, doesn’t roll so, as you can see, I can continue for forever.

My feedback: If you looking for matte and nude lips, it’s the best option for you to get this pencil. You can easily use it without any lipstick.

Cost 19$




Instant Light Lip Balms from Clarins

These cuties lip balms. Love at first sight. When i saw them, i took it without any thinking. First, those Clarins balms so good in turn of…everything. The colors. texture, feeling on your lips, lip care.  Also these cuties have nice smell and taste. Balms have five light colors with natural shades.

My feedback: Just take it if you will see it in your beauty store. For travel or when you carry a small bag it’s the best option.

Cost 35$

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