Today I’m wearing a romantic look with main accent Eco-leather midi skirt. Still popular in this season too. This skirt goes well with sweaters, tops, blouse and t-shirts. I decide to wear with denim shirt, because weather still not “sweater weather” 🙂

So and what about my whole day, what i done? Ohh, was crazy a bit. I slept last night late, i stuck watching the “Gossip Girl” uuppsy. And today woke up early. I have my breakfast and went for gym. My weight went down from 52 to 48. I’m 168 height. I think i have to add a bit weight, at least 1.5 kilo more? what do you think?
After gym I come back home, had a quickly lunch, and went to medical center for facial care. Was really so good. Doctor done for me some treatment to look more fresh, and have less eye pouches. Then I did some business stuff and come back home. So it was my kind of day 🙂 What about you? How you spending your fall days?:)


About outfit: eco-leather skirt Befree, clutch Rado, boots Marko, denim shirt Concept Club, earrings Lady.

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