Today I wanna share my running routine. Actually there is nothing special. In this spring/summer/autumn I become in love with running outside. Before I used to run just in gym. And you know you can’t achieve much distance in treadmill, because you simply getting bored. So and I found this lovely park close to my home where I started my jogging experience. At the beginning i wasnt so good. I started from 6.50min /1 k and my distance was like total 5-7 k. And now, I’m running 5.15min/1k in distance of 10-12 k. Not so bad isn’t?


Small advice to get better in run is so simple
Be patient, push yourself, be stable

     Thats all. Running loves stability. 3-4 times per week more than enought, to stay healthy, in good shape, and feel so good from inside. As for me, when i start my running routine i automatically start to sleep well, eat less, drink more water:)) Good luck in your running routine:)

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