Ohh weather today is sooo.. how to say? Changing her mind every 5 minutes. haha. I’m serious. Five minutes rain, ten minutes sun. And then again, rain after for a while sun and… You got what I mean. This fall should decide what she want:)) So the good thing, that during the shot we didn’t have rain. It was sunny and warm. After we finished and came back home, rain start again. Ohhh. I was planning to go for evening run, but how you can do workout when the weather is like that? I don’t wanna start to go for gym now. I still wanna enjoy doing cardio this last warm days outside.




Today I didn’t put any makeup, just foundation and mascara. You know, sometimes you just wanna something simple and light, to give your skin breath. For today I wore this suede cardigan from Zara. Honestly, this cardigan was with me from last year, but I didn’t wear it because I was thinking it doesn’t look  nice on me. What you guys think, I was wrong about it?:)


About outfit: cardigan Zara, eco-leather shorts Zara, top H&M, boots Marko, bag Louis Vuitton, watch Guess.

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