I know all of us sometimes has this kind of days, to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I don’t blame you, and I don’t blame myself for it as well 🙂 So it’s was this kind of day for me yesterday. I don’t know, I hate Wednesday. Me unlucky with this day:) Whatever. I stayed at home, relaxing all day in my garden ( good, weather was nice), reading interesting book and just enjoy this laziness.
Today it’s different day. I woke up early, already ran 10k, and ready to do so many things for today. You see guys, don’t feel shame to be lazy for one day. Give yourself rest and after…Let’s go!
Anddd…Back to the style. I love this shot, love this colors of background. All very simple, but in the same time looks good. Actually, I don’t have something special for this outfit to add. As I said, sometimes we have lazy days:) Classic basic colors, silver accessories, everything as I love.






About outfit: skirt Mango, sneakers Coach, t-shirt Colin’s,  handbag Louis Vuitton, sunglasses Zara, watch Hermes, bracelets Handmade, necklace Diva, choker Handmade.

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