French brand Yves Rocher. I’m not usually buying something from them. But why not to try? In the beginning I wanna say that I was satisfied by there product.
  • Purity mask for oily and combination skin: Reduce excess sedum, tightens pores, mattifies skin and your skin will breath again.
  • Ingredients: Baikal powder, cornflower water, white clay.
  • Use: 2 times per week for 5-10 min, then clean up with warm water.
  • Feedback: So soft, with nice smell, after use skin become deeper, softer, with no visible pores, and most importantly there was no feeling of tightness.
  • Cost: 6,5$

  • Lip balm with moisturizer and healing effect: I like this balm because it’s not just moisturizing but in the same time heals wounds and cracks. Especially for our weather it’s the best find.
  • Ingredients: Shea oil
  • Feedback: Has nice smell and taste. Balm keeps a very long in your lips and really helps in the fight against irregularities and cracks on the lips.
  • Cost: 2$
Entire line of balm
  • Gentle makeup remover for sensitive eyes: I have uncertain feedback about this makeup remover. There mention that it’s for very sensitive eyes, so that’s why they put oil? Not logic. And its good that it’s been tested under ophthalmogical supervision?
  • Ingredients: Aqua water, organic cornflower water, sodium free
  • Feedback: A normal mascara will removes, waterproof unlikely. Plus of this makeup remover that after using, it’s gives you very soft and gentle skin, with eye contact not stings.
  • Cost: 7$
P.S. Every beauty shop  YVES ROCHER  has small test-book, called “What’s your skin type”. Very easy in using and helpful for us, girls.
Eva A.


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