My best friend Aisha get married. I’m so happy for her! This amazing event took place in Istanbul, Turkey. We celebrated this day of love for 3 days. Honestly, I just attend 2 days. For third day i just don’t have power. It’s was soo much fun, enjoyments, dance, food, drinks. ohhh great time! I wish for my bestie, time full of love happiness respect and tenderness with her husband…But let start in order.


FullSizeRenderLovely invitation 
     Honestly, I was so surprised when Aisha told me that she is getting married. How?? Unfortunately she wasn’t so lucky in her previous relations. Those guys really not for her. Assholes, what to say. And now, she know this guy like for 3 months, they met in London by coincidence, and BAM…he proposes to her in Paris, the most romantic city in the world! This what I call love! From all this bad things before finally true love come to her live. I’m soooo happy!
Choosing a dresses

It’s wasn’t so easy to choose dresses for this celebration, it’s take for me some time:)) ha-ha some time, i had only 2 weeks to find a dress, u know girls it’s not enought time for us:) 

I’m feeling so bad that my baby wasn’t with me in this time. He has important work in Dubai and I go to Turkey alone. I have my bestie, she lives in Istanbul. So I stayed in her place.

First day

 Official dinner 

It was in beautiful hotel called Shangri-La Bosphorus, in Down town of Istanbul.
Performance, dances, meeting with family and friends, buffet with all kind of food. Ohh why I didn’t take my professional camera with me?:(
Second day  
Wedding day 
Day of love take place in open air. It was love in the air. So romantic, so amazing. I really don’t have words to describe this day. let me just post some pictures:)



Congratulations Aishka!!

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